“What?! Wait, you’re a magician?!” My colleague looked at me as if I was from another planet. “How come I’ve never heard about that before? Don’t you want to get magic gigs?”

I didn’t know what to answer. I have always been hesitant about my magic abilities and never made a big deal about the fact that I can do magic. I had my website, but at this point, I hadn’t got a single gig.

I was stuck. But then my colleague said something that changed everything.

“We had a 60-year celebration for my dad the past weekend. If only I’ve known about you, I would have had you perform for him. He loves magic”.

When he said that, I immediately understood what I needed to do if I was to get magic gigs over time.

Do you see the shining diamond in that sentence? The one thing that matters the most?

“If only I’ve known about you.”

Step 1: want to get magic gigs- Let people know about you

I must admit this sounds kind of silly as I write it. Of course, people have to know about you for them to book you. But the trick is to let EVERYONE know about you.

The more people who know you are a magician, the more people will want to book you. It’s that simple.

It’s a numbers game. Let’s assume your friend interacts with ten other people each week. If one of those ten people talks about a birthday party, corporate party, wedding, or any other form of event where you and your magic could be a good fit, chances are your friend will tell the person about you.

If you only have one friend who knows about you, the chances of him talking to a potential lead are slim. But what if ten people knew about you. That means you will “reach” one hundred people that week (10×10).

What if twenty people knew about you? Or one hundred people?

Do you see what is going on here? It’s like playing the lottery. The more tickets you have, the higher is your chance to win.

With this in mind, the first step is to let as many as possible know that you are a magician.

Step 2: Get magic gigs by inviting people into your world

As more people start to know about you, you will start to get magic gigs. It’s a fact.

But to boost your chances, we will use a secondary tactic that will build your authority and convince people you are the right person for their event.

The best thing about this secondary tactic is that it’s simple yet effective.

Say that you focus on doing magic at tradeshows. Your main “product” is to stand in a booth and magically promote products. You have an excellent service that works great for the companies that hire you.

Get Magic Gigs By Inviting People Into Your World
Example of a checklist you could give away for free

The problem is that this kind of service isn’t something most companies are looking for.

Why? Because they don’t know that the service exists.

You need to help them with something else before you can pitch them your service. In other words, you need to get them into your world. Once they are in your world, you can show them what you can do for them.

So, how do you get people into your world? Easy…by being helpful.

You should become the go-to person for your dream customers’ needs.

Don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t sell anything else than your magic service. But you should have enough knowledge about everything else around your niche to help your dream customers move forward.

A great way is to create a checklist or guide and give that away for free. In the guide or checklist, you should (of course) promote yourself. But the main idea is to get potential customers into your world.

Let’s say you create a checklist called “20 things every company needs to know to succeed at trade shows”.

For anyone planning a tradeshow, that would be of real value. Once the person reads the checklist, he/she notice you and might contact you.

If you want a more detailed guide, check out this article about marketing for artists

Step 3: Pick the low hanging fruit first

In steps one and two, you started to build the foundation for your magic business. As you continue to spread the word about yourself and help more people, you will get more bookings.

This will help you get magic gigs no matter if you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro.

If you’re just starting your journey as a pro performer, you should pick the low hanging fruit. By that, I mean you should do shows for friends or colleagues in exchange for experience.

There’s a big debate in the magic community if one should do shows for free in exchange for “visibility”. Should you do shows for free to get your name out there?

I don’t think you should use free shows as a marketing tactic. But I do think you should do free shows as a personal growth tactic.

When you’re starting, you don’t want (or need) the added pressure of having a paying customer judging your work. That’s why I think your first shows should be free, and for friends and colleagues.

You will always have the chance of picking up a paid gig from one of these free shows, but that’s not the primary reason. You trade your time for experience.

Conclusion on how to get magic gigs

As you can see, the secret on how to get magic gigs is all about getting people to know and trust you. The more people that know about you, the more potential customers will look your way

When they do (and they will), you should be ready. To make sure you have a solid repertoire that you can perform, you need experience. The best way to get that experience is to perform at events your friends and colleagues host.

You’re not working for free. You are trading your time for experience.

Now, go out there and get magic gigs like crazy!

Ps: Do you want a perfect opener? Download my personal favourite for free here. Ds.