Most magicians use cards in some way. No matter if you´re a magician or a mentalist, I can put some money on you using playing cards. In this article, I will explain why you should use Bicycle Cards for magic.

Card tricks is often the first thing you learn, and the variations and possibilities are endless.

There are many brands on the market. I have tried many different brands and styles but in the end…I always go back to Bicycle Cards for magic.

my 5 reasons why you should use Bicycle cards For magic:

Why I use Bicycle Cards For Magic
  1. Quality never goes out of style.
    Bicycle cards, or “bikes,” are of the highest quality. They feel great and look professional.
  2. They look normal
    Believe it or not, but laypeople almost always think you have a marked deck, even if you don´t. Bicycle cards look normal.
  3. Gimmicks
    If you want to use a gimmick, like a double-backed card, you will find it for Bicycle cards. Many magic tricks that involve specially constructed cards also use bicycle cards.
  4. You can find marked cards at a reasonable price
    There are numerous marked decks on the market. My personal favorite is the marked cards sold by Penguin Magic, but others work just fine too.
  5. You can make your own marked cards.
    There is a secret system called the PM Card Mark System sold by Vanishing Inc magic. The system teaches you how to turn an ordinary Bicycle deck into a marked one using nothing more than a Sharpie marker.

Poker size or Bridge size Bicycle Cards For Magic

Poker size, every day of the week.

Red or Blue

It depends on the venue. If I´m performing in a well-lit room or outside, I´ll go with blue. If I´m performing in a darker room I´ll use red.

So, there you have it. Five reasons Bicycle playing cards are my personal choice.